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Using market and keyword research, AB testing, landing page optimisation and more, we make your click budget go further and will send your conversions skyrocketing.

PPC marketing with real ROI from our business-minded digital studio

Paid search or Pay per click, these three little words could be the key to bringing a deluge of high quality traffic to your website, quickly. Both Search Engine Optimisation and PPC are powerful digital marketing techniques in their own right but, while SEO can take time to get off the ground, PPC offers instant, measurable results with ROI (Return on Investment) you can prove.

If you’re new to PPC, pay per click or ‘paid’ adverts are the search results you see displayed at the top and to the right of a search engine’s organic results. These prominent results have gained pride of place because online advertisers pay for their prestigious slot. PPC managers bid a certain amount per click for individual keywords. If a searcher clicks on your ad, you pay this bid price to the search engine. You win a visitor and a potential conversion, the search engine wins the rate you bid per click.

PPC, it’s not entirely straight-forward

While the concepts are relatively simple, nailing a powerful PPC campaign which provides the results you want for the cost per click you can expend is no mean feat. We know how to hone a low-cost, high conversion PPC campaign which brings you substantially more for your money.

Most businesses can run a paid search campaign, but it takes skill, knowledge and insight to optimse your ROI and effective campaign management. Our digital marketing team use a range of sophisticated techniques to help clients squeeze every last drop of value from paid search. Here are a few of the tricks up our sleeves:

  • Market research
    To tap into your ideal customer’s mindset we need to understand your business and your marketplace. We take the time to get to know your competition, your target market, their frustrations, their needs and your USPs all to help us create highly effective, targeted ads which trigger click throughs and conversions like nobody’s business.
  • Keyword research
    Intelligent keyword research is fundamental to any highly successful PPC campaign. It’s not all about getting the highest search volume for your money. After all, what’s the point in 10,000 clicks if visitors don’t convert? That’s some very costly traffic. Instead we consider searcher intent, the stage in a buying journey each keyword represents, relevance and search volume all together, to generate the greatest value from every click.
  • A/B testing
    Who watches the watchmen? Well, we do. Our PPC campaign managers are always monitoring their own performance and working to improve costs per click. We regularly split test our most successful ads to make sure we’re using the perfect piece of digital marketing which has the best effect for clients.
  • Landing page optimisation
    PPC can bring in a surge of high quality visitors, ripe for the conversion, but as soon as they click your advert it’s your website’s responsibility to make that conversion happen. We work with clients to ensure that landing pages are in tune with PPC campaigns, smoothly leading visitors through the buying journey and making sure every click counts.

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