As you’ll possibly be aware, the release of OSX 10.9 Mavericks finally introduced the ability to (natively) have multiple tabs within Finder. This has been possible in previous versions of OSX using a great app called Total Finder, but Apple have finally introduced such a basic piece of functionality into the OS’s core.

One piece of tab associated functionality allows you to “Merge All Windows” which is a great addition although unusually there’s no keyboard shortcut to achieve this built in to the OS; you can only access it using your mouse. Whilst not a show stopper, it’s a strange decision but fortunately one that we can rectify reasonably easily, here’s how:

  1. Go to System Preferences and then keyboard.
  2. Open the Shortcuts tab and select App Shortcuts in the section underneath.
  3. Click on the + to add a custom keyboard shortcut.
  4. Select Finder as your application and type “Merge All Windows” into the menu title section.
  5. Choose which combination of keys you wish to use as your shortcut and then click add.

Looking for more steps? Sorry to disappoint but it’s pretty straight forward, hope it makes the new feature in Finder easier to use for you now without having to resort to using the nav bar.